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January 15, 2009

Crazy Holidays

Crazy Holidays!
These mid-week holidays really get everyone’s biological calendars messed up.
Any time you have a break in the work week, the  next day is supposed to be Saturday.
We appreciate our customers who call to inquire as to why they did not get a Thursday paper.
It’s almost five o’clock. What’s happened to my paper.”
I explained that it was January 1st.
So, what’s that got to do with me getting my paper.?
Well, we don’t publish on New Year’s Day, it’s a holiday, I explained.
He yelled into the kitchen: “Hey Ethel, now I know why the liquor stores are closed!”
Then he added, “What am I supposed to do for the rest of the day without the paper?”
I told him I was sorry, perhaps he should have another drink.
“Can’t,” he said. “Ain’t got no whiskey left.”
I thought about giving him some names of some of my coffee drinking buddies, but I remembered “what goes around…comes around.”
So I tried to reassure him. “We’ll have a paper tomorrow.”
“Since when have you printed a paper on Saturday,” he replied.
“Tomorrow’s Friday,”
“How can that be,” he questioned.
Today’s Thursday. That means tomorrow’s Friday,” I explained.
“Ethel, the liquor stores will be open tomorrow,” he belched, “and Happy New Year to you, young man,” he added.
I heard the phone click before I could respond.
A few minutes later I got a similar call which was a bit more brief.
Today being a Friday and all, I thought I’d go over to the Courthouse and catch up on some paperwork.
What? Closed? Silly me. All this time I thought Thursday was the holiday.
Wonder why we can’t make a calendar where New Year’s Eve always hits on Friday or Saturday night?
Not a good idea. That would beat a lot of people out of four holidays, Christmas and New Years and the days after.


<Thursday holidays really aren’t that bad, since they result in a four-for-two holiday deal for a lot of people.


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