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January 21, 2009

Americans hungry for leadership…

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America has a new and historic President.

The eyes of the informed world are clearly focused on our nation as President Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party chart a new course for America.
The first 100 days of the new administration will be very interesting to watch. It causes me to wonder if it might not be a good job to simply record the daily activities of the president and the Congress.

I was impressed with much of President Obama’s inaugural speech and particularly the part when he says “no idle hands” and uses terms like “work.” Clearly parents and young people have lost the concept of “work ethic,” not to mention scores of adults as well.

Recently I attended a funeral of a quiet man who died of cancer. His pastor joked that taking chemotherapy was not nearly as hard on him as was a liberal politician.

This proud Navy veteran had the same message for all his children and grandchildren, whom he dearly loved. “The best way…is the hard way.”

How many people are going through life today looking for the path of least resistance, instead of taking the sage advice of wise elders?

In these first 100 days, I will be looking for signs of leadership from our new leader. Top among them will be how President Obama stands up to the well entrenched power brokers in the Congress. Will he himself take the hard road and say “NO” to earmarks, pork and Congressional shenanigans as usual? Will he send a clear signal to America and the world that real reform is going to be the order of the day?

Such an action would send American and world markets soaring. Failure to take the hard road will continue to cost Americans trillions and undermine everyone’s future, except of course, veteran politicians.

Soon, we will find out what the real Barack Obama is made out of. I’d like to see the Pit Bull side of him in the first 100 days.


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