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May 4, 2009

Stress for Christian Groups

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While mainstream Democrats have taken up the mantra of “Give this President a chance,” Christian groups are wailing.
The first round of bailout or TARP money specifically excluded giving government money to universities that permitted faith-based teachings, activities or discussions.
Now, according to The Traditional Values Coalition, the largest non-denominational grassroots Church lobby in America, the U.S. House of Representatives just passed H.R. 1913, which is aimed at giving substantial freedoms to the Gay-Lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community.
The bill focused on ‘gender identity’ and went so far as to not exclude “pedophilia.”
The GLBT lobby fought and won an attempt from Christian groups to change the language so as to exclude pedophilia, but without success. This left the GLBT lobby a bit red faced, but not enough to change the legislation.
Eighteen Republicans voted for the bill, and 17 Democrats voted against it, including our own Congressman, Dan Boren.
If you want to better understand this bill, you may do so at:
Congressman Boren got beat up pretty good by many of his Oklahoma constituents for voting for the Obama bailout plan, and as far I am concerned, justifiably so.
This, however is a time to congratulate him for supporting the Christian position.


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