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November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Thougths…

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Giving thanks has been a tradition in our country that started long before European settlers landed on our coasts.
Almost daily, we use this column and this page of our newspaper hoping to inform and enlighten our readers on matters of importance—things that have an impact on their lives.
We think Oklahomans, and Choctaw Countians in particular, are among the most charitable people you will find anywhere. Virtually everywhere you look there are volunteers, giving the most precious thing they have, their time, trying to make life better for someone else.
Choctaw Countians serve their fellow man through many organizations: civic clubs, youth groups and church projects. Each seeks to give something back, as our forebears gave to make things better for us.
Our blessings are pretty remarkable and perhaps too often we allow petty issues to divert our attention from the vastness of the blessings and opportunities that surround us.
Here at the Hugo Daily News, we are all thankful that we have the freedom to publish a small community newspaper and say things that would land journalists in prison in many countries.
In our county and its cities within, we see many people who haven’t lost the old-fashioned work ethic that made America great.
We are thankful that our readership has never been higher and our opportunity to serve our customers has never been greater.
At this time of Thanksgiving, our thoughts and prayers are with individuals and families who are facing difficult times and illness.
Though challenges often materialize, and some are daunting, we will always have the freedom to draw upon the inner strength given to us by God in large measures — to overcome adversity.
So we extend our wishes that you and your family have a happy, safe and memorable Thanksgiving.


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