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November 6, 2009

Media Improving?

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We have passed the one-year mark with a new president.
This has been an interesting year, to say the least, with respect to how the media industry has conducted itself.
A year ago, you didn’t have to be very savvy to notice that certain media outlets from across the spectrum of print, television, radio were clearly in the tank for certain candidates.
American voters had no problems excusing their media darlings, who obviously shared their political views. They also had no problem speaking out against media outlets with an opposing bias.
Bias is the operative word here.
Just as the media have put Barack Obama and the new government under the microscope, the media itself has also undergone internal and external scrutiny.
Some reporters and those who supervise or spin their work, have come under fire for obvious bias. Same is true for networks and virtually every media outlet.
The bottom line for all of this is that we believe media reports have improved. There are still shows, programs and columnists that remain slanted to one political ideology or another.
Despite the fact that media bias still exists, some media outlets are mixing in some occasional “fair” reporting, which offers opposing viewpoints.
The system will never be perfect, but it is better. Today, some of the ultra-liberal agencies of only a year ago have surprised readers and viewers with stories pointing out questionable performance by present government leaders.
We have constantly expressed our views that many of the challenges which our country faces were created on the previous administration’s watch.
Stories elsewhere on today’s page by the Associated Press, surprise us in that they point out errors in Obama administration and government reporting.
It shows at least some movement in the agency’s coverage from the far left, back to the center or the realm of fairness, from which responsible media outlets must reside.
There will always be bias in the media and some will suffer as viewers and readers will elect to spend their time elsewhere.
We find it encouraging that the media seems to have grown up a bit in the last year, digging a little deeper on important stories and grilling elected officials a bit harder on critical points of legislation that affect citizens’ lives.
That is more like the media the framers of our Constitution had in mind in the formative years of our nation.
We hope that a year from now we can say this positive trend has continued. Just like government, the media has some work to do to restore its esteem in the minds of the American citizen.


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